Health REBELs Coaching Calls

Schedule Updates: Schedule is subject to change. Any changes to planned coaching calls will be posted here and in the Band App.

March 24: 11-1pm Coaching Call is cancelled due to event conflict
March 29: Community Coaching Call Topic has been changed to “Monthly Reflection and Planning”

2023 Calls(2)

Health REBELs Coaching is pioneering an innovative coaching model that combines the best of group coaching with the personal touch of 1 on 1 coaching to give you the excitement and consistency as well as the precision and support.

Open Coaching Hours (in Black Font): These are open coaching hours available for you to drop in and ask any questions you have about your program, nutrition, holistic health, or to talk through Life’s curveballs to keep you on the path and strategize how to continue to soar and get better. No appointment necessary, just pop into the zoom call while it’s running. (Although uncommon, there may be a queue and a short delay)

Community Coaching Call (in Green Font): Wednesday evenings, join other Health REBELs as we learn new ways to simplify holistic health, discuss our challenges and successes, and create an action plan for continued improvements. There’s also an open space at the end of the call for any questions, needs, or comments during open floor Q&A.

All times listed in Pacific Time Zone (Seattle/Los Angeles)

Mondays: 3 Open Coaching Sessions. 6am-8am, 11am-1pm, and 4pm-6pm

Tuesdays: 2 Open Coaching Sessions. 8am-10am, 5pm-7pm. Exception: First Tuesday of the month does not have an evening coaching time

Wednesdays: Open Coaching Session 6am-8am, Community Coaching at 4pm

Thursdays: 1 Open Coaching Session 8am-10am

Fridays: 2 Open Coaching Sessions 6am-8am, 11am-1pm

Saturdays: 1 Open Coaching Session 8am-10am   Exception: March 11th has no coaching session due to Family Travel

Sundays: NO! HAVE MERCY! Let me rest you wacko! 😘