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When you sign up for personal training Spokane, or a personal trainer Spokane, you absolutely need to work on time management. Let’s be honest, planning healthy food, doing some exercise, being active, getting sleep. These all take time. In fact, the biggest reason why people don’t take care of their health is often listed as they don’t have enough time. So what do we do? How do we manage our time in a way that allows us to get better results with personal training Spokane?

Now, what you want to do to manage your time is understand that there’s a couple things the first thing you want to focus on is understanding that there is not enough time there is not enough time in a day to do everything. However, there isn’t enough time in the day to do what’s important. The first big part of time management is managing your priorities. What is important to you, if you don’t know what’s important to you, you’re gonna lose a lot of time squandered on things that aren’t beneficial or aren’t important or don’t fill you up. When we can understand and prioritize the things that matter to us, that serve us that do us health that give us better outcomes. Then we have a stronger poll to get those things accomplished. One of the reasons why it’s so easy for me personally, to take care of my health is because it matters to me. I want the energy, I want the confidence I want the capabilities that come with it. So it’s easy for me to say that I want to work out or I have to work out or I’m going to work out. It’s easy for me to say those things and do those things because it is important to me to get that done. On the other side, if I’m completely honest, as a single bachelor man, vacuuming, not a priority. And it gets done most weeks, once a week, most of the time, but it’s easy for me to kind of push that off into for lack of better words, brush it under the rug because it’s not as big of a priority in my in my personal interest in my life. And so I kind of skip it sometimes. My health my wellness is a priority so I don’t skip it. It helps me with time management. And it allows me to get better results with personal training Spokane.

So what is the priority to you?

Miss Minutes, a marvel character enjoyed by Personal Training Spokane, showing time management

Miss Minutes from Marvel’s Loki TV Series. How do you manage time?

And you can find out what is the priority often by the things that you do. Right. And if you look at the things you do and realize that they’re not a priority, maybe we should stop doing those things and switch to things that are priorities for us. If your health if your happiness is a priority, what does that look like in your day to day life? What do you make room for what do you make time for when their priorities? The second thing we want to do with time management is understand what time we actually have. There is some absolutely terrible advice out there that says that everybody gets 24 hours in a day. And that’s simply not true. No, I think the the big the big expression that people often say is that billionaires and bums have 24 hours in a day everybody gets the same 24 hours in a day. But that’s simply not true. If we’re using the description of a billionaire Why don’t we look at one of the top billionaires Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos has about six personal assistants working eight hours a day for him. That alone gives Jeff Bezos not 24 hours in a day but an additional 48 hours. So now he’s working out 72 hours a day, because he bought other people’s times. Now, of course, that’s not all. Jeff Bezos also has a private chef, a chauffeur, a nanny for the kids a housekeeper. There’s a bunch of people whose times he has purchased to do all of the things that need to get done. He has purchased upwards of 80 plus hours a day to do more stuff. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t purchased more time. And if you’re looking for a personal training Spokane, you probably haven’t purchased more time as well. Right? We have to understand what are our actual times now if you start with 24 hours, we have to be honest. What are some things that are going to take time away from you? Do you have family obligations? Are you responsible for the cooking and cleaning at home? When you can understand what your true financial or what your true time, assets are, what your true time availability is? Then we can make better recommendations on how to use that time. If Jeff Bezos wants to do a three hour workout and then spend time and a cold plunge with blue light therapy or red light therapy tanks and do cryo therapy as well, that’s fine. He has lots of time. But me I can’t afford a three hour workouts in my day to day routines. I don’t know if you can either. But with my actual time commitments and with my time availability, making a 45 minute workout makes sense. I also don’t have to spend much time commuting since I work out at home. Right? I understand where my time is spent and how much time I’m actually available. And that allows me to make better recommendations for myself. And in fact, that’s what I do with clients as well. Let’s be honest, I don’t work with Jeff Bezos. None of my clients have 80 hours a day. Some of my clients hardly even have 10 hours in a day because of all their obligations. When you understand what your actual time availability is, then we can make better recommendations. Like some people have more time to cook decadent dinners every night, a week. And some note, some need to do some of the more boring repetitive meal prep batch cooking does save them time throughout the week, time that they don’t otherwise have. Understanding what your time availability is, allows us to modify the recommendation with personal training Spokane right adjusting your recommendations based on the time availability is one of the great ways to help with time management as you’re looking to improve your health and wellness. Time management is something that people oftentimes get really waylaid with and feel like they don’t don’t have room to do, but it’s absolutely crucial and there’s two massive ways that you can improve your time management with personal training Spokane. When you sign up for Health REBELs coaching, you’ll be able to use both of these. The first is setting your priorities. We do this initially during our initial coaching call and really decide what is important to you. What are you actually going to gain through healthy habits. Unfortunately, when most people sign up for personal training Spokane at other locations, they sign up for generic goals. that don’t really matter. They say they just do what the fitness magazines tell them to do, and they don’t really care about it. This isn’t insulting. It’s just the honest state. If it’s not a goal that you set for yourself, it’s not a goal that you care about. Honestly. And if you don’t care, you can’t set it as a priority. With Health REBELs coaching, we focus on what is important to you what is a priority. The second part of time management is being realistic about how much time you actually have knowing that is not the same as everybody else. Not everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Being realistic about that helps you make better recommendations. And that’s one of the ways that Health REBELs creates healthy routines that are realistic, and they really stick around