Success Stories

“What I thought I was going to lose in the program vs what I gained from the program were two totally different things.

I thought I was going to force myself into a 12 week workout routine, eat right for the most part, and see some bangin’ results. Not even close.

I saw the results. Yes, I lost some weight and some inches (although I could have pushed harder and lost more). I gained a whole new mindset on fitness and nutrition.

I was able to address the issues within that have created roadblocks in every aspect of my life, especially motivation. I took an all or nothing mentality that would often keep me from working out or making healthy food choices, and learned to appreciate that sometimes, “something”, is enough. A walk is still a walk, even if it’s not a run. One bad food choice doesn’t have to ruin a day’s worth of great choices.

What I gained the most is the, “What happens when…..”. What happens when you commit to just doing something active each day? Well… it becomes a routine. It has become such a big part of my routine that I HAVE to do something each day. I went from maybe 3k steps a day to getting 3k steps before 9 AM.

Steven’s approach was amazing. He didn’t make crazy meat head demands when it came to workout routines. He took my personal abilities, and physical needs, and created a program that worked for me. He allowed me the freedoms of adjusting to meet my scheduling needs and didn’t make me feel guilty for things beyond my control.

I recommend this program for anyone who just needs an overall attitude adjustment. To anyone who needs to look at life from another angle. This program is a simple approach to big changes, and once you’re ready to do SOMETHING, this program will work for you.”
-Jennifer W, Facebook Review

“There is something to be said about a person who can get you to look at something from a completely different perspective, and that’s Steve. Health and fitness were things I looked at as being rule-based, restrictive and hard. Steve approaches them as a way of finding happiness. He is ever the optimist on ways to incorporate simple changes to one’s lifestyle to obtain health. Health is an achievable routine and behavior, not endless workouts and fad diets. He is a wonderful person to have in your corner when prioritizing health and fitness. One thing I love is he always reminds you to have positive self-talk and create little changes that are sustainable for a better life.”
Amanda O, Google Review

“Steven is such a genuine guy! Very open and honest about his work. Great tips even if you don’t go all the way with the coaching. I highly recommend the coaching because he steers you in the right direction to a healthy lifestyle not just a diet and a workouts routine. I love his approach, very professional and informative. Highly highly highly recommend especially if you’re one of those people that are tired of trying every fad diet or program out there. His approach actually helps.”
-Rocio N, Google Review

“Health REBELs has helped me in so many ways. Steven isn’t just a run of the mill trainer. He provides whole body and mind coaching. He recognizes that everything you are and do has an impact on how healthy your are as a whole and helps people learn how to live healthy in all ways. He also recognizes that no two people are alike and prescribing the exact same exercise routing to everyone will not be the most helpful. When I first started working with Steven, we had a sit down talk about all of my health concerns and physical disadvantages due to injury or illness. He took EVERYTHING into consideration while developing an exercise plan for me as well as in all other aspects of helping me be the best I can be. Another perk is that he even offers online coaching so that people anywhere can access his amazing teachings. I feel that Stevens way of coaching is revolutionary in the health industry and recommend him as a health coach to everyone.”
Ashley D, Google Review

“All of these tips are accessible and helpful. Steven is a knowledgable trainer and a kind man. I love getting these updates and having practical, motivating ideas about fitness in my Facebook feed. Thanks Steven!”
-Keri Hicks (unrelated), Facebook Review

“Health REBELs [formerly Simple Success Fitness] is more than just emails, phone calls and workout prep lists. In my opinion, there is nobody like this out there. [Health REBELs] gives users active information through videos, live streams (YAY!), interactive user posts, and even group activities on Facebook! They keep you on track and focused on YOUR goals, not theirs. And THAT’S the most important to me. 5 stars all day every day.”
Skyler R. Facebook Review

“I decided to work with Health REBELs because I needed help embracing fully a healthier lifestyle. I was fresh off of losing close too 100lbs eating a very strict diet, but gaining back 40 as I let my habits slip. Also with chronic pain and very real back issues I had always hurt myself working out on my own to the point that I quit. Up to this point in 3.5 months I have lost a very real 5 lbs of pure body fat and probably much more, I’ve lost 3.5 inches off my waist and gained a ton of strength. My current physical abilities are 10 fold what they were when I was at my lowest adult weight. The plan that is tailored to my goals and personalized to my physical limitations has never left me with pains and injuries that I had before. I consider myself to be a very knowledgeable person compared to average in fitness and nutrition, but I’ve learned extensive amounts about living a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Fitness is a journey for the Long haul and you can’t do better than having Health REBELs be your tour guide.”
-Bradlee H, Facebook Review