Spokane Personal Training | Pros and Cons

One of the big dangers with Spokane personal training is the fact that it’s a small marketplace and we might not have the most qualified potent personal trainers in the area. Local fitness is a little bit of a wild wild west market. There are some trainers that are really well qualified. Some are my great friends and I’m glad to glad to collaborate with them.

But some of them are a little bit more just just meathead gym bros that aren’t going to really help you to get better health. Spokane personal training can definitely be improved by having people with with legitimate credentials, such as myself, I have a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and almost 15 years of experience working with other people.

What I offer the health and wellness industry is a new perspective on what health and wellness looks like. I offer Spokane personal training, a better route to health and a personalized path to fitness. I create a custom built personal plan a custom built personal plan, supportive encouraging accountability, and a re education curriculum that helps redefine healthy habits along the holistic wheel.

With traditional personal training in Spokane, the focus is often focuses on just workouts. But the reality is if you want to reach your goals, you’re going to need more than just workouts, you’re going to need workouts plus nutrition, plus sleep tips plus stress management, some mindset helps and then obviously supportive accountability. Now things that are being done correctly well is that it helps people start new exercise habits. Exercise is amazing for the human body and we should all be engaging in it.

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That is something that Spokane personal training does well. Whether it is at a big box gym or a small training studio. It allows you to get new habits with exercise. What I’m excited to offer people with is to get a more holistic approach to health and wellness to get a more balanced approach to healthy habits. A balanced approach to healthy habits can be really great when you’re looking for health improvements because it offers you it offers you some security and safety net to make sure that the habits maintain and that they last a lifetime. How often have you seen somebody start a new personal training habits and they fall off within six months. With my approach to Spokane personal training, you won’t necessarily get that you are going to develop lifelong habits that help you kind of stick with it for the rest of your life. The key to lifelong success is consistency. And if you don’t stick with it, nothing you do with whoever you work with is gonna get you the results that you’re looking for.

Spokane Personal Training is also entrenched in traditional practices that haven’t stood the test of time. People have been trying traditional practices for a while to combat the obesity epidemic, but unfortunately, it hasn’t done anything for trends. Obesity keeps growing (excuse the pun) while we combat it with traditional methods. Continuing to use the common meathead trends is maybe not the smartest. If you’re looking for Personal Training in Spokane, maybe try something new.

Health REBELs is dedicated to creating a new path for Spokane Personal Training. We focus on holistic healthy habits and balanced healthy habits. While most only focus on exercise, we also include Mindset, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress management, and Supportive Accountability. If you want to know more about our methods, please book a call at THIS LINK

The best path to health is through a new, holistic balanced approach. That’s what we offer here with Health REBELs. There are many ways to do that. Obviously you can sign up for Coaching With Health REBELs AT THIS LINK HERE but you can also learn more by subscribing to our podcast on your favorite platform. A list of podcast platforms can be found ON OUR ANCHOR PROFILE

I hope this brief little article gave you a little more insight into what to look for when looking for Personal Training in the local area. We gave some pros and cons, highlights and lowlights, some general considrations as well as a few resources to help you move forward.

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