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As a Spokane personal trainer, I want to really focus on changing the fitness industry and creating a new path to wellness. I really want to focus on health and wellness, where I think most of the traditional personal training industry focuses on athletics, bodybuilding and modeling. I believe that fitness and wellness should be a path to feeling better, to have more energy, more confidence and live life without feeling held back. Unfortunately, in the local industry, Spokane personal trainer is usually focused on an athletics based approach to fitness.

They will do athletic based workouts and they will talk with bodybuilding based egos and insecurities. Instead of this what I want to do is chart a new path to wellness that is focused on really making you feel good in the REBEL Oath. The second part of it talks about being energized by healthy habits. We use this as a litmus test to determine what is actually effective for your individual biology. There are some things that are going to be recommended that you’ll hear people say are healthy, but the reality is it may not be healthy for you. Something that’s healthy for your neighbor may not be individually relevant to you. A big example of this is bootcamp classes.

Personal Training Spokane Health Rebels Oath

Now, a lot of Spokane personal trainer will really like bootcamp style classes because they are really effective workouts for the athletic population. They’re effective workouts and they’re they’re fun when you’re when you’re really committed to to fitness. into sport. Unfortunately, there’s going to be a difference between how I respond to a bootcamp class versus how Mary mother of three responds to bootcamp class. We have to do things that are individually relevant. So you might find that some athletic base people will go to a bootcamp class and they’ll be excited. They’ll come out with a smile on their face. And another person might go into a bootcamp class and have troubles walking for the next week because their body is so broken down and sore. As a Spokane personal trainer I really want to focus on on emphasizing individual responses to exercise in creating a custom plan that creates a new path to wellness. I really want to focus on individualization and take a health first approach.

When we do a health first approach, we discover that the path to health and wellness is a lot easier a lot simpler than what is commonly recommended by a lot of people locally in the Spokane area. What we can do when we take a new path to wellness is we can go a lot gentler approach and a lot more sustainable. I’m sure you’ve probably seen friends, family members and maybe even yourself that will start a new exercise plan every January and by March they’re off that plan. And by June all the results that they had gotten have been washed away and they might be in a worse position than when they started in January.

With what I do with Health REBELs, I don’t want that to be I don’t want that to be a reality for people. I want people to have sustainable wellness that lasts a lifetime. I firmly believe that results you get in a six week program but cannot keep for six years is not a real result. You’re just borrowing that outcome for a little bit. It’s very important that as a Spokane personal trainer, we chart a new path to wellness. We want to chart a new path to wellness that’s grounded in a health first approach that will help people find a routine that gives them more energy, more confidence and more capabilities in their day to day life. One of my favorite stories from clients is hearing about how you were able to do more activities with your kids be able to play with your children at the park and keep up. One of the saddest stories I ever hear. And I hear this often during consultations is that mothers come to me initially because they’re

they’re guilty. There are lots of reasons why people want to improve their fitness. They feel they feel bad that they can’t take their kids to the park because they don’t have energy to play and keep up I think that a new path to wellness really focuses on how someone feels improving how great someone can feel. And I think that it’s my responsibility as a Spokane personal trainer to to really focus on that health first approach. To focus on the energy, the self confidence and the capability to have more joy in your day to day life. One of the ways that I chart a new path to wellness is by really creating more simple standards and recommendations. Instead of some of the more dramatic and extreme workout plans. I often recommend clients take a very simple approach oftentimes aiming for less than half of what they expect that they need to do as they get get started. Oftentimes clients will be a little shocked with their first workouts thinking that it’s too easy. The reality is the vast majority of the traditional fitness industry is just too hard. It’s too extreme. It’s too ridiculous. And what I want you to do is I want you to just gently nudge the body support the body, guide the body towards its best health. Because let’s remember, your best life lives in a healthier body. And for that goal, we need to create a new path something that’s a lot simpler, a lot more sustainable, a lot more approachable and accessible. And that’s what I do as a Spokane personal trainer as I focus on creating a new path that will help people have more energy, more confidence and in have more capability to live without feeling like they’re held back.

Another really impressive change that we do is Along with nutrition, a lot of traditional nutrition approaches, live on restrictions and depravations and eliminations with our new path to wellness. What we focus on is nutrition by addition. We want to think about food as a collection of resources. And we want to collect a variety of resources so that we can support a variety of functions within our bodies. Food is not the enemy when we focus on the traditional elimination and restrictions. When we think about calories, we start to create a lot of fear around food. And I think that’s really dangerous long term. With a nutrition by addition focus we create a lot of excitement we create benefits, we focus on the good things that food does for our well being. Focusing on the well being and focusing on health allows us to do something that that lasts a lifetime. Wouldn’t that be nice? To have health and wellness that lasts a lifetime? Ultimately, my biggest goal as a Spokane personal trainer is to redefine healthy habits and to break free from common standards so that you can have the wellness that lasts a lifetime and gives you the opportunity to live your best life

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