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If you’re interested in speaking with a Holistic Spokane Personal Trainer, you can schedule a free call at www.healthrebels.us/call One of the unique things about me as a Spokane Personal Trainer is my focus on holistic health. Traditionally, in the fitness industry, when you go to a session, you typically only workout, you can only focus on exercise. With my online platform, I’m able to deliver a holistic approach that focuses on more categories and more components of a healthy lifestyle. Instead of just focusing on exercise, we get to focus on all six parts of the holistic wheel. We get to focus on mindset, activity, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and supportive accountability.

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Being a holistic health focus separates me as a Spokane Personal Trainer and allows me to deliver better results to my clients. than you might expect. In fact, my online clients tend to get better results than my old school traditional in person clients did when I was a traditional Spokane Personal Trainer. The reason being is exercise is really fantastic for your health and for your overall well being. But it’s a very small part of the picture. Everybody knows intuitively that you also want to focus on nutrition, and you’ll hear people say that 80% of results come from nutrition. There’s some merit to that statement, but it’s poorly defined on what results actually mean. Exercise is going to give you phenomenal results by itself for a lot of health outcomes, but for waistline measurements and for weight change. Yes, nutrition is a larger driver of that. But unfortunately, traditional training doesn’t allow you to really get a good nutritional focus in there. I used to try to talk to clients about nutrition, but nobody really cares about the difference between a simple carbs and a complex carb when you’re second wind after squats. With the online platform and with the holistic health focus, I’m now able to deliver material to people when they are more receptive to hear and learn and benefit from it. This means that when you sign up with me, you’ll get better results than when you sign up with other traditional Spokane Personal Trainer errs. A holistic health focus also includes more than just exercise and nutrition. It also includes things like mindset. I firmly believe that mindset is the single greatest factor that will contribute to your overall well being. In fact, there’s research that backs this up. Some recent research by Dr. Alia Crum, found that the way that we eat food, or more specifically, the benefits we get from eating food can be altered based on our mindset and perceptions around that food.

What she did in her study was she gave participants a milkshake and she would write on the label of the milkshake. If it was the decadent indulgence 600 Plus calories or she would write on the label if it was the innocent indulgences. The 130 Calorie milkshake and what she would do is she would measure your biochemical response to the high calorie milkshake. Or the low calorie milkshake. And unsurprisingly, the high calorie milkshake had a higher impact on people’s biochemistry. The big difference here though, was that they were the same milkshake. The only difference was people’s perception around the food that they were eating, or more specifically their mindset. Working on mindset with my clients is a differentiating factor as a Spokane Personal Trainer because your mindset will change your biochemistry. When you change your biochemistry. You’ll ultimately change the outcomes and your health results.

Another thing with the holistic focus that is very important for you to know is the emphasis on sleep. Now I am a certified sleep coach from the online sleep coach Academy and what that means is it allows me to have the tools and the know how to work with my clients to improve their sleep. I know the sexy rockstars of the industry is going to be exercise and nutrition. But as far as healthy habits go, sleep is as impactful if not more impactful for your overall health than than exercise and nutrition is. Unfortunately, most people don’t really know how to address sleep problems and in recent surveys 80% of Americans admit to having some issues with sleep. If you’re not addressing sleep, then you’re not maximizing what somebody’s health outcomes can be. As a Spokane Personal Trainer. It’s very important for me to address sleep when I work with my clients. But I also need to work on stress management. I don’t need to beat you up with the research on this. You’ve already heard this. You know this to be true. But stress mental stress can change your biochemistry as well. You’ve probably heard about the hormone cortisol, but stress is a health changer. We know that a lot of heart disease is caused by stress. The medical community estimates that upwards of 90% of illnesses are caused by stress. If we don’t address stress, then you’re not really addressing health. So stress management is a very important part of holistic health and it’s a very important part of what I do as a Spokane Personal Trainer. But that’s not only that’s not all, the biggest part the part that you’re probably familiar with. And traditional training does this well as well. But it’s the supportive accountability. Where I really separate myself on this is that my my accountability is encouraging and judgment free. I used to work one of my ex girlfriends was a personal trainer and I used to work with her and she used to be absolutely horrible to her clients. If they told her that she they had McDonald’s for lunch, she would have them do burpees until they felt sick. That’s not a good way to have an honest conversation with someone. My methods of supportive and supportive accountability is encouraging and non judgmental. No matter where you are. I don’t really care what you’ve done. I care what you’re going to do in to help shape the best plan forward and figure out what the right thing is for you to do in the future. I need to have an honest conversation about what you have done recently. Look, the reality is the past is in the past, we cannot change it. And it’s not going to affect our future unless we hide from it. By openly discussing some shortcomings or some mistakes and encouraging people to overcome them. We can focus on what really matters getting 1% better today

so as a Spokane Personal Trainer I think one of the things that sets me apart from everyone else in the industry is that holistic health focus. And it’s the holistic health focus that I’m able to to deliver effectively and effectively on this online platform that really can help elevate your health. And get you living in your healthiest body so that you can live your best life

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