Health REBELs Coaching... What Does It Look Like?

Health REBELs Coaching is the best choice if your goal is to build healthy habits that are realistic and really stick. Where the vast majority of the fitness industry is obsessed with sports performance, we are dedicated to health above all else. When your energy, confidence, and physical health improves, everything else in your life gets better with it.

Our coaching is effective because it comes with three crucial parts to help you succeed

Supportive Coaching + Custom Fitness Plans + Holistic Education

Supportive Coaching
Custom Fitness Plans
Holistic Education

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Supportive Coaching To Keep You Going

Health REBELs Coaching is pioneering an innovative new hybrid coaching model that combines the excitement and consistency of group coaching with the personal care and attention of 1 on 1 support. We provide support in three different ways. I have not seen a coaching program that provides more support than Health REBELs Coaching.

Exclusive Client Community

Start your day off with power and motivation in the client community with the Morning Minute. Each Day, you’ll get a video message with that day’s theme (including meal planning, accountability, celebrations, etc.), a quote of the day to motivate and meditate on health, and any relevant updates. This community is encouraging and supportive to help you enjoy the process deeper. We also hold a monthly wellness challenge with a rotating part of the Holistic Wheel for a fun improvement and fresh focus.

Live 1 on 1 Coaching Calls

10-12 times a week, Coach Steve will pop into a Zoom live call and be available to give you live 1 on 1 support no appointment needed. Have a question about the nutrition plan? Drop in anytime! Need to make an adjustment to the exercise plan? Drop in anytime! Life throw you a nasty curveball and you need someone to help with stress management. Drop on in. No appointment needed.

Got a question outside of coaching hours? Drop a message in your private chat and Coach will respond during the next coaching session. Coaching Calls are scheduled throughout the week to have some availability for everyone’s schedule (Including weekends!)

Weekly Community Calls

Meet up with the group on Wednesdays for a Live Zoom call. The Weekly community call goes over a new topic to keep your health journey fresh and always improving. Engage in a collective discussion topic and share ideas for how to use this info, and get a new action step you can take each week to keep control over your health and wellness. Many clients say the fun and supportive atmosphere of this group is their favorite part 😀 (“Gee, thanks. I would have thought my degree in exercise science meant more…” – Steve)

Check out this Coaching Call Calendar to get an idea of what the coaching looks like each month

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Custom Fitness Plan Built
Individually FOR YOU

Online, a lot of “coaches” sell generic, one-size-fits-all workout plans. Health REBELs Coaching believes that you deserve a personal plan created just for you.

Nobody else has your exact exercise history, life stresses, goals, personal preferences, equipment access, injury history, or schedule. With all that considered, why on earth would you do the same workout as someone that is nothing like you?

We custom build every workout plan for you because Johnny Squatsalot and Mary MotherO’three are very different people with different needs. Clients can access their workouts through out private app designed to provide you with all the tools and subtle motivators to know how to succeed. Check out a demo below

Holistic Education to Redefine
Realistic Healthy Habits that Really Stick

Ever work with a Personal Trainer, and afterwards felt like you didn’t learn what to do on your own? That will never be the case with Health REBELs Coaching! Each Client gets Lifetime access to the REBEL Way Program. This program has over 80 short lessons (don’t worry! You get lifetime access! -Coach Steve) ranging from 3-10 minutes to help redefine what holistic health really looks like.

This program combines our two most powerful concepts: The Holistic Wheel and The REBEL Framework

Two Tools

The course is hyper accessible. Not only are the lessons short and impactful, but you have the option of either audio, video, or written lessons for any type of learner in any type of environment. We are all about empowering you to make things work your way. Want to see what it looks like? Check below!

The Program is broken into 9 Sections.


  1. Lasting Health at a Glance
  2. Foundations of Lifelong Healthy Habits
  3. Exploring and Shaping Mindset
  4. Redefining What Exercise and Activity Look Like
  5. The Nutrition By Addition System
  6. Simplifying Sleep
  7. How to Actually Manage Stress
  8. What Does Supportive Accountability Look Like?
  9. Getting It to Sick

If you’re interested in putting this in action to improve your health and well, click the button above