Personal Training Spokane | Three Components of Coaching

So today I want to talk about the three components of coaching and why I put each one in and how it’s evolved over time with this Personal Training Spokane coach.

When you sign up for health coaching with Health REBELs, it becomes one of the best options with Spokane Personal training. Because of the three components we have. The first major component that we have of the three is going to be supportive accountability. We also provide Custom Fitness Plans as well as holistic education It is the supportive accountability that might be the most beneficial though and definitely the most impactful.

If you want to get a preview of what coaching looks like, check out this page

I don’t believe there’s another coaching or personal training company out there that provides as much support and accountability as you will find with Health REBELs coaching the supportive accountability has a few different levels we are pioneering and innovative hybrid model that gives you the best of group coaching as well as the personal attention of one on one support. This has been an evolution overlap.

as accessible to more people. So this evolution of the process has taken a few different turns. The first really big turn was originally when I started with online coaching in 2018. It was all by email communication. You could send any question you had at any time to the email and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience, usually the same business day. This was good. This gave people the opportunity to ask questions and avoid the risk of losing their question. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of business models with online coaching that recommends that you only allow people to reach out to you once or twice a week. And what happens in the situation is the same as traditional in person personal training.

Components Of Coaching Personal Trainer Spokane

The three components of our coaching

A client will have a question maybe they’re out to dinner on a Thursday in their personal training sessions on Tuesday. Then they have that question and they have to wait Friday. They have to wait Saturday. They have to wait Sunday. They have to wait Monday, and they have to wait all the way to learn this session on Tuesday to ask the question. Unfortunately during that amount of time, the question disappears, they forget. And if you forget the question, you lose that opportunity to make a better choice in the next time. With the online coaching with the email coaching people were able to ask questions in real time and get solutions. Now I had an I have to admit I did adopt some of the business practices that put more restrictions on clients. And I noticed that clients were losing that personal attention. So I’ve been adding that back in in different ways. The process that we have currently with Health REBELs coaching for supportive accountability has probably gone through evolution, about four or five times and now all we have is this wonderful, incredibly supportive atmosphere where people have all of the attention that they need without being overwhelming or under serving. Right now what people do is they have an experience in the client community where you get daily touch points every single day. You get the excitement and the energy of the client community group to enjoy the process more fully and more actively each day. So that healthy choices are more enjoyable, more exciting, easier to do and easier to stick with. You’ll also

end up getting personal one on one support because we provide over 10 coaching hours, over 10 coaching sessions each week on Zoom where you can pop in no appointment necessary and get live one on one support to be able to talk about your current questions, challenges, programs or needs in a one on one collaborative environment. And you can pop in anytime as many times as you need as an individual. This means when life throws you curveballs if you get any surprising circumstances, you can talk with a coach instantly, almost instantly and rapidly to solve that dilemma so that it doesn’t derail you the supportive accountability combines group coaching with that client community, so that you get consistency as well as enthusiasm and energy.

With the ability to get that personal one on one support by hopping onto a coaching call and talking with a live coach. Right there. And then the second thing that you get with Health REBELs coaching is you’ll get access to a custom built fitness plan just for you. Because the reality is everybody’s different. Johnny squats a lot and Mary mother three should be doing completely different workout plans, because they have different goals. They have different experiences. They have different life stresses, they have different time commitments, and they have different personal preferences and interests. Their workouts should be radically different from each other and unfortunately a lot of online coaching and traditional Spokane Personal training workouts are what we call cookie cutter programs. It’s a one size fits all approach to everybody.

You come in to the workout of the day and it doesn’t matter who you are you do the same thing as everybody else. Health REBELs really believes in individualizing the process so that you can have greater enjoyment and so that you can have more effective strategies for your own individual needs. These custom built Fitness Plans are found within our private fitness app. You can track your workouts you can find your workouts you can see demonstrations for all your workouts. And you can see previous workouts within this app. This app was custom built at great personal expense to myself so that I can provide a better service to clients. within the app. There’s a couple secret things that are hidden.

One of the things I’m most proud of is that the app gives room for flexibility. I used to use a third party app from that’s very common with trainers to use a lot and they’re forced really strict really rigid, really rigid recommendations that had no room for adaptations. In my app, what I’ve done is I’ve had personally built so that clients can put in a range of answers instead of one single answer. What this does is it allows you to make little mini micro micro progressions throughout your your workout series throughout the month, and even within each workout. That way you can keep track of more data more accurate data and make more meaningful changes over time. It also allows me to put in a variety of information as well. I had the app custom built so that I could put in range values that were that were ranges instead of one specific number. A lot of exercise programs will have really black and white cut dry extras exercise prescriptions, things like three sets of 10 reps, but most of my workouts have ranges.

They might be two to three sets of 10 to 15 reps. Part of this is the progressive model, where overtime, you may add extra reps, you may add extra sets. We also use a double win fall or double waterfall progression model where as you go on week to week, I typically recommend that clients use the same weight and then try to get more repetitions. When they’re able to use the same weight for the maximum recommended amount of reps. Then I recommend that they add more weight to a position where they now return back to the lower amount of reps and they start the cycle over again. So I allow clients to progress in two different ways, rather than forcing them to increase weight every time or forcing them to increase sets every time we get to increase weights or sets or both over time. The third thing that’s really special about the coaching program is the is the holistic education platform.

Far too often when people work with Spokane Personal training, they end up finding that they don’t know what to do when they go independent. They worked with a trainer for three to six months, and it was great. The trainer told them what exercises to do, what foods to eat. But whether they didn’t want to continue with the expensive, overpriced personal training that you find in Spokane, or life threw them a curveball and they had to do something or they just got bored and wanted to try something new. They end up leaving that program not knowing what to do when someone’s not bossing them around. That is a problem that will never happen to a Health REBELs client. We focus on holistic education that helps clients redefine what health standards are, but it also allows it also allows clients to be empowered and educated and enabled to understand what decisions to make for themselves so that they’re capable of making that decision for a longer times for in fact the rest of their lives. The holistic education helps also break away from some of the toxic expectations and standards that people have been inundated with with within the social media world where Instagram full of fake filters and lies and flashy click baits. It’s just not reasonable and it’s not advice that is realistic. It’s not advice that’s often real. And it’s advice that oftentimes is

just misinformation.

The holistic education platform allows people to figure out what is truly meaningful and actually healthy for them to do. The holistic education really empowers people to have lifelong healthy habits. And I’m really excited about these three components

of the coaching. And I believe that they’re the parts that make our clients more successful than any other program you’ll find with Spokane Personal Training.