Personal Training Spokane | How to get Beach Body

So Spring is here and beach body season is upon us. You may be looking for a personal training Spokane to help you get ready for beach season, and that’s a totally normal thing, but I would caution against it.

Let’s be honest, people have tried that often, and it fails often. Studies show up to 95% of people who join weightloss programs fail in the long term.

Oftentimes when people do is every year they try to get ready for beach season that means getting ready to look really good and their swimsuits. They’ll be looking for six pack abs or tone tummies they’ll be wanting to get bigger shoulders and bigger arms and they want it now they want to get in shape for the beaches just around the corner. Now as I write this, it is currently raining so you’re probably not thinking about the beach explicitly today. But the fact remains that it is that time of year when we start to think about warmer weather and being topless in public. Now, my biggest recommendation for this and one of the big things that we do with our holistic coaching is I want you to get ready for beach season next year. I know that’s really disappointing to hear initially because you want to be ready for beach season right now. But be honest, be honest. Have you tried to get ready for beach season in the past tried to do some short term crash diet to get ready in a couple of months and then found yourself falling off the wagon almost immediately. I bet you have. Most people have Have you ever tried to get ready for beach season 18 months down the road. I know that’s a crazy thing.

And trust me I’m not ignoring of beach season this year. We’re gonna come back to that and get you ready for beat gets you ready for that beach body right now. But the mental shift that we need to have to have that success is to think that we’re looking for beach seasons next summer, not this summer. The reason why I say that is when you’re thinking about getting ready for beach season, then 18 months versus getting ready for it in three months. There’s a different approach. There’s less desperation there’s less extreme methodologies. When you think about it, and in the long term cycle, you choose the healthy habits that are more sustainable that you can stick with. Let’s be completely honest, the number one secret to getting beach body ready and to have that awesome swimsuit physique is consistency. Typically when people sign up with personal trainers Spokane that’s what they’re looking for, is to get more consistent to get those routines. But they never explicitly mentioned that. So we often choose to do the events in the methods that are more harsh, more drastic, more more come and go. Instead of that what I want you to do is focus on the long term. Be completely honest, think about this hypothetical situation. Let’s say that you were able to maintain the healthy habits for 18 months, even if it’s not a crazy weight loss program. If you were to maintain the healthy habits for 18 months, don’t you think your body would look pretty good? Don’t you think your health would be amazing? And 18 months, Wouldn’t your body become everything you wanted it to be?

If that’s true, then why do we often skip over that option? Why do we automatically race to how do I lose 10 pounds in two weeks? Why do we always go for the most drastic thing and then fall off the wagon and have to repeat it year after year. Now what I’d rather you do is be a secret in the local industry a secret with personal trainers bootcamp. I want you to get ready for Beachbody next year, not this year. Now I want you to put in that work right now today. Tomorrow, though next week and all throughout. I want you to act now and I want you to be ready for this summer.

Personal Training Spokane coach with beach body abs

But I want you to get ready for next summer. I want you to be ready for next summer and I want you to think about your the fact that you’re preparing not for the short term. But for the long term. Let’s be completely honest, we’ve all tried the short term things to varying degrees of success, but the reality is, if the results don’t stick, they’re not real results. You’re just borrowing them and who wants to borrow a beach body when you can have a beach body. So the secret to getting the beach body this year as the weather gets better is to get a beach body next year. I’m not saying to skip this year. I’m not saying to go eat extra doughnuts don’t get me wrong. I want you to be ready this year by getting ready for next year. And if you need some support doing this coaching can be a really great way to have more accountability to have more consistency and to have greater results with your your Beachbody goals. If you’re looking for coaching, I’d recommend reaching out to Health REBELs coaching, you can see a preview of what our coaching looks like. But it includes three different components. Most times when you sign up for personal training with a local personal trainer in Spokane, you’ll end up getting just one component you’ll just get one fitness plan that may or may not be custom made for yourself. It might be a generic cookie cutter program, or it could be made for you. But with Health REBELs coaching you’re gonna get that custom built fitness plan just for you. Built from the ground up with you in mind to meet your specific needs. You’re also gonna get a holistic education platform. In the education portal, you’re gonna learn about how to create healthy habits that lasts a lifetime and really stick. We focus on healthy routines that are realistic, and they really stick you’re also going to get tremendous support and accountability.

Health REBELs is pioneering a hybrid between group coaching and one on one support where you’ll get the excitement of a lively community paired with the individual personalized touch of one on one support throughout the week. If you’re interested in that, go ahead and head on over or you can check take advantage of our special deal available on the homepage where you can get your initial coaching call, plus some free gifts for just $1. If any of that interests you I recommend you to click here or here to schedule a call with a coach today. But back to how do you get a Beachbody there are going to be some tactics that you’re going to want to take advantage of. One of those tactics is you’re gonna want to be more active. Now I’m specifically using the word active instead of saying high intensity exercise. You’re gonna want to have some workouts throughout the week. But more important, you’re gonna want to have generalized activity throughout the day. Most people if we’re completely honest, just sit too much. What we want to do is we want to get up and move throughout the day. Whether that’s taking a small walk, stretching, taking stretch breaks during work, doing standing from a standing desk and mixing up your you’re sitting in your standing routines.

Whatever it is to get a little bit more activity throughout the day, that’s going to have a tremendous effect on your waistline long term. You’re also obviously like I mentioned going to want to do some exercise as well. The second thing you’re gonna want to really focus on is you’re gonna want to improve the way you eat. Now, I’m not a fan of diets. I’m not a fan of counting calories. I’m not a fan of tracking macros. But what I do want you to do is I want you to eat deliberately and with high quality foods. Ultimately I want you to eat the foods that you enjoy, but also the foods that love you back. Love the foods that love you back. Now in our coaching, we do this through a system that we call nutrition by addition, and you can see other nutritional stuff by visiting our blog here on the site. But what I really want to impress upon you is that nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be desperate. When you work with personal trainers Spokane, you don’t need to be on a harsh diet. You don’t have to have a nutrition plan that’s tough to stick with. Again, remember to get that beach body. We’re focusing on getting the beach body next year in 18 months. When’s the last time you tried to dye it and you kept it for 18 months? All I want you to do is develop healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime. Healthy eating habits, not diets. The third thing you really shouldn’t consider if you’re trying to get a Beachbody is to improve the quality of your sleep. They did research with people on diets that were sleep deprived and people on diets that got a sufficient amount of sleep. But people that were sleep deprived ended up losing a lot more lean body mass that is your muscle mass as well as bone tissue and connective tissue

that if you’re trying to lose weight, chances are you want to lose more fat mass and you want to keep that lean tissue to give you that athletic beach body look. Now in the same study the people on the diet that were sleep deprived, ended up losing or sorry, I got that backwards. The people on the diets that were well rested that got a sufficient amount of sleep. They lost most of their weight through fat mass. So they were leaner, they had more more muscle definition they had that better muscle tone when they got better sleep. So those big three there’s a lot more that you should do. And obviously we talk about holistic coaching in the coaching program, but the big three to focus on is increase your activity, eat good food, and to sleep well. If you need any help with that, again, I encourage you to sign up for coaching and we can help you guide you through each step of that process with personal trainer Spokane as you work towards getting that Beachbody