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How to have a successful new year’s resolutions with personal training Spokane. Now, oftentimes you’ll see people start a New Year’s resolution and then fall off fairly soon. It’s almost something that we make jokes about unfortunately, and blame people for situations when they’ve gone about things incorrectly, not to their fault. They did exactly what people have told them to do in the past.

The biggest issue is that we often tell people to do the wrong things. I want to unveil the secrets to having a successful new year’s resolutions in case you’re interested in weight loss, starting a new program, eating healthy or any other type of healthy habits that will allow you to have more energy, more confidence and the ability to live life without feeling held back. The biggest thing that I work with with my clients in our health coaching is the first thing we really want to do is have a very clear understanding of what we want to accomplish.

Someone happy to accomplish New Years Resolutions with Personal Training Spokane

What would make you happy to accomplish?

If you just go off the magazines, the magazines are going to tell you that everyone’s goal is to lose 10 pounds to drop three inches off their waist, blah, blah, blah. The reality is, that’s virtually nobody’s goal. Granted, most people start exercise programs because they want some weight loss but the reality is, when you dig deep, you find out that nobody’s really interested in weight loss. Weight loss, we suppose gives us something else. And when we can discover what that other what that something else is, then we can have a better motivation to stick with our new year’s resolutions. To have successful new year’s resolutions when working with personal training Spokane you want to make sure that you have a clearly defined inspiration sometimes this can be a multitude of things. And with my clients I’ve heard a lot of different reasons why people thought that they want to lose weight. I’ve had mothers told me that they didn’t have the energy to take their kids to the park and they felt like they were holding back their kids childhood memories. I’ve had people tell me about vacations with fiance’s where they were lacking self confidence to wear swimwear and so they felt like they were holding their family back there.

Or I’ve had people talk about memories that they’ve had in the past about who they used to be and who they believe that they are, and they just don’t feel like that anymore. Sometimes people want their outsides to match what they feel on the inside. Whatever your true goal is. When you sign up for personal training spoke in, you really want to identify that when you can identify your true goal you can have that inspiration that allows for a successful new year’s resolution. Oftentimes people stay at the superficial goals and the common goals that we’re all told to chase the weight loss the inches lost. But if it’s not your actual goal, it’s not exciting. As you know from the REBEL oath, I believe that excitement is the number one factor the secret to success with health and wellness. If you don’t have that level of excitement, you’re not going to have success. And if you’re not chasing your actual goal, you’re not going to be excited about it. The things that we do for weight loss are tedious.

They are uncomfortable they don’t feel great and they’re not enjoyable. They don’t fill us with motivation. And if we just do them for the sake of doing them, we’ll eventually become averse to it and quit. And that’s what we see every year around New Year’s, we see around February or March. People are tired of just doing the thing for the sake of doing the thing. We need to have a better reason why we also need a better approach which I believe we do with our online coaching because we’re focused on health instead of fitness.

But oftentimes, the biggest issue comes with people feeling like they’re doing something without a good purpose. By digging deep and finding your true goals by finding what it is that you’re really motivated by. You can be successful with your New Year’s resolutions. This year if you have new year’s resolutions, I encourage you to really dig deep and if you need some assistance, one of my greatest skills as personal training in Spokane is to help people really dig deep and ask them questions to so that they can discover what’s important to them. In fact, if you watch the testimonial from my client, Amanda she even talks about the very first coaching call she did was so motivating so exciting that before she even began working with me after that call, she had already lost six pounds with the excitement to do healthy habits. When you have a true purpose it builds excitement and it makes motivation easier to sustain for a lifetime. When you find your true purpose, then it helps you be successful with new year’s resolutions.

So how to how do you succeed with new year’s resolutions? There’s going to be two there’s the existential answer and then there’s the practical answer. The existential answer obviously is finding that true purpose. Anytime you sign up for personal training Spokane you should always have someone that guides you to find that true purpose but then the practical side, you also want to adopt habits that are sustainable that are reasonable. With our online coaching, we focus more on the social sciences we focus on the social trends that make it difficult to maintain healthy habits so that you can create shields around them. We focus on the social trends that push people to a default to being unhealthy so that you know how to counteract them, so that you know how to reverse the trends and break free from common standards. We also because our focus is on health instead of athletics and the traditional fitness approach. We have recommendations in programs that are more reasonable that fit into lifestyles without being overly demanding or overly taxing by being a lot more reasonable with the approach, it’s easier to maintain for a long time. One of the biggest issues is that people start from zero and go to 100 right out the gates they sign up for your typical CrossFit or insanity workouts and they feel miserable, ragged, tired, exhausted. You can only push yourself to feel miserable for a little while. But if you’re doing something that’s a lot more reasonable that’s made for health, something that makes you feel fantastic, have more energy, more confidence, more capabilities, then you can maintain that for a long time. You want to have that existential understanding of why you’re doing something Why are you as an individual seeking out personal training Spokane?

Why is a great question to ask. Once you discover that why, then you also need a practical approach that is far more reasonable. Than you find in most fitness magazines, blogs, articles, and social media. You need an approach that is designed to be sustainable and designed to work with real people in real life situations. Unfortunately, most of the social media fitness space is made by young college kids with no serious life demands whose top priority in life is to get jacked to work out to get fit. When we put that priority on people who it just doesn’t match with them, we give them the wrong the wrong workout programs. When you work with personal training Spokane you need a trainer and a coach that is going to acknowledge maybe this isn’t the most important thing in your life. Maybe this is something that you do in addition to all your other important responsibilities that add quality and add flavor and add enjoyment for a lot of fitness professionals. Fitness itself is the most important thing in their world. I understand it’s not the most important thing in your world, though. Not understanding allows me to be more reasonable so that new year’s resolutions can be successful. And if you’re interested, we have a special offer for an initial coaching call a starting workout guide and our high protein recipe pack all for $1 Click this link to get set up and we’ll get you started today