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As a Spokane Personal Trainer creating a custom built fitness plan is incredibly important. You have to pick exercises based on a couple different criteria. Most often when when a trainer will pick an exercise for someone to do, it might be an exercise that individual likes that the professional likes. In this is a good idea. This is a good idea because it is personally preferable exercises generate more excitement and as you know from the REBEL oath you excitement is the number one secret to health and fitness results. In fact, I talked about this in episode eight of the health of the Health REBELs podcast. You can check it out at this link here.

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It doesn’t have to be this complicated to design workouts

But there’s a big problem when personal trainers give their clients workouts that the personal trainer likes. We don’t often take into consideration what the client likes. Client preference is the most important recommendation that you can make because as we mentioned earlier, excitement is incredibly important. Have you ever done a workout plan made by somebody else that you just hated? And no matter how good that workout plan is, it just won’t get done. You won’t get results from a workout plan that you do not follow and you probably will not follow a workout plan that you don’t enjoy.

Now you can probably brute force willpower it for a couple of weeks or even a couple of months. But for long term sustainable exercise plans that give you better health. You need to enjoy it a little bit. As a Spokane Personal Trainer one of the things that I try to do is constantly ask my clients what they enjoy and what they load. And I update their workout plans based on that feedback. Every month I try to get feedback from my clients and trying to improve the workouts in a way that is enjoyable to them, but also beneficial to their body. It’s very important that you merge both mind and body during your workout design sections. When picking exercises. That’s very important. But that’s not the only factor you should consider.

You should also consider what your what the client’s goal is. As a Spokane Personal Trainer. I always consider people’s goals when creating workout plans. The reality is workout plans are going to dictate a lot of what somebody does. It doesn’t matter if somebody really really likes deadlifts. If they are hoping to run a marathon, they also need to do some cardio at some point. You need to do exercises that are specific to goals and goals can run the spectrum. They’re not just athletic based. As you know, we’re a health coaching company that tries to get away from athletics. But maybe your goal is to be able to have the stamina to pick up your kids more often and play with them. Maybe your goal is weight loss. Maybe your goal is to do a hike with your husband.

Whatever your goal is, we should put some exercises into the workout plan that are tailored specifically to that goal. Specificity is very important when doing exercise program designs. If you’re doing random stuff, it’s unreasonable to think that you’re gonna get better at a specific outcome if you’re not targeting it. Right. A great way to think about this is practice makes perfect. When we do things pacifically designed to enhance some part of your specific goal. We’re practicing that goal and we’re slowly making perfect as a Spokane Personal Trainer, you know, I take into consideration personal preferences as well as their goals. But there’s more factors that we need to consider as well. Somebody’s experience is going to dictate what they’re able to do. It is completely unreasonable for me to give somebody a complicated exercise when they are new to training. Likewise, it may not be a great idea to stick to incredibly basic exercises. If somebody has been with me for a while. In my program design, I use a very progressive model that levels up as you go along. There are level one workouts

level two workouts level three workouts and level four workouts. Most often when people start with me they’ll start at a level one workout, and when they hit certain benchmarks and certain progressions, then we graduate them up to a level two. There are also some exercises that fall into the same categories. Some exercises are a little bit advanced and need to have certain prerequisites done before we can give that comfortably to a client as a Spokane Personal Trainer, I want to consider those three factors, personal preference, goals and experience before making exercise recommendations. In the words of the immortal Billy Mays, But wait, there’s more. There are more considerations that we should make when we’re making workouts for clients.

As a Spokane Personal Trainer, I want to also consider what somebody’s life stresses are. life stresses and schedule are going to dictate the frequency and possibly the duration and intensity of workouts if somebody has an incredibly stressful life. It doesn’t make sense to add more physical stress to their day by doing really, really demanding workouts. However, if somebody has fairly low life stresses, then they’re able to absorb a little bit more physical stress through their exercise and recover without getting compromised. Compromises might include injuries, illnesses, or mental fatigues. We will also want to consider life stresses on top of personal preference, goals and experience when making exercise plans. Now I know this seems really complicated so far, but I hope laying this out makes it a little bit more simple. And what I also hope to do is to show that that’s a little bit different when you get a custom built fitness plan from from this Spokane Personal Trainer compared to places you’ll get out elsewhere. I know it’s really popular in one particular culture of fitness to do workouts of the day, where everybody in the gym will do the same exact workout that is not taking into any account.

The individual’s goals, experience, personal preferences, or life stresses. It’s just a generic workout. You will also see the same thing when you do workouts on demand that you find on YouTube or in programs like p90x. Random pre made workouts might not be appropriate for everybody to do. They might be appropriate for the person that made the workouts the person that wrote the workout, but the person doing the workout it might not be the right fit for that is why I’m very intentional as the Spokane Personal Trainer to custom build all of the fitness plans that I give to clients. I do not copy and paste I do not. I do not give the same workout to two clients. Because my two clients are almost never the same person in fact, I have never seen two people that were exactly the same yet. So when making a workout design, there are different variables that you want to consider and make sure that you consider them when you’re making workout plans like I do. I make sure to consider all of these variables plus a couple more big in about like total body balance and balanced routines that give a complete approach to health and wellness. But these are some considerations that you should make when looking at exercise programming. If you want to coach some make your exercise plans for you for yourself. You can check this link here to talk to a holistic coach about specific program designs and we can do it for you

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