How It Works

Health REBELs Coaching Operates in a Unique and Innovative Way.


Health REBELs Coaching is here to help, not to sell. Because of that, our sequence is absolutely critical to find the right fit for you.

The very first step in every one of our personalized coaching programs is an initial 60 minute coaching call. This call is only $1 and is our commitment to your best health. There’s also no obligation of further coaching on your part (and you can keep the free gifts regardless of whether you become a client).

The purpose of this initial call is to really understand you and where you are right now. We also want to get a clear picture on how health can help you live your best life. We dig really deep in this initial call. When we know where you are and where you want to be, we find the right path to bridge the gap

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There are a few common suggestions that come out of these calls depending on what is truly in your best interest. Sometimes it’s one of our coaching programs, sometimes it’s a digital download, sometimes it’s pointed to some of Health REBELs free public resources, and sometimes it’s even a referral to another professional in the wellness industry that we believe is a better match for you.

The call is all about you and getting you on the right path to health and wellness for yourself.

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After the initial call, the next step can look a few different ways. If coaching seems like the right fit, we’ll get you set up in our coaching systems. We have a private Health REBELs fitness app that stores and records your workouts so you always have a custom-built plan just for you and your goals. We also get you connected to client-only nutrition resources and other healthy lifestyle resources through the private app.

If you’re signed up for Group or Personalized Coaching, we’ll also get you connected in the private client community and your private 1-on-1 communication system.

To ensure you’re properly set up in the Health REBELs systems, understand how to use everything, and to discuss the details of your custom built plan, we also schedule a quick 10-minute kick-off call. We want to make sure when you receive your program, you’re fully empowered to use it without confusion and start moving towards better health.


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The exact breakdown of the coaching programs can be found on our Coaching Services Page, but let’s give an overview here.

Coaching Programs provide 3 components

  • 12 week REBEL Way Course that redefines healthy living for lifelong routines and habits
  • A custom built fitness plan delivered in our private app for you to follow
  • Supportive Accountability to help you stay on the path and adjust for your individual needs and challenges.


We provide the REBEL Way course to completely redefine your relationship to healthy living habits. The reality is unfortunate. Most of what we think we “need” to do to be healthy has been misguided misinformation.

Each week, with short lessons that average approximately 5 minutes each, we’ll explore different parts of the holistic wheel. We’ll break down the biological necessities your body needs to be healthy, and how to meet those needs in our modern lifestyle demands.

To ensure these videos aren’t just nice information entertainment, but actually life changing perspectives, we include a quick action item with each lesson. Remember, our top focus is building healthy lifestyles that stick.

The lessons are available in video, written, or audio format to best meet your individual preferences and learning styles. Like the custom built fitness plans, we believe your long term success depends on radical individualization, so we worked hard to ensure everyone can utilize these lessons regardless of how hectic their life may be or how they best learn.

Unlike many transformation programs you find online which use the same workout for hundreds of clients, your fitness plan will be custom built just for you and updated each month. The reality is that Mary MotherO’Three has different needs than Johnny SquatsAlot. It makes no sense to hand people the same workouts when nobody else on the planet has your same genetics, life demands, experiences, and preferences.

Workouts are custom-built with these factors in mind

  • Personal Preferences
  • Current Exercise Experience
  • Available Equipment
  • Individual Goals
  • Schedule Demands
  • Injury History and Physical Limitations
  • Unique client needs
  • Experience with hundreds of past clients
  • And sound exercise science principles backed by scientific research and tests


Finally, the third component you receive if coaching is the right suggestion for you is the supportive accountability.

“If I can see further, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants” – Isaac Newton
There is a myth of the rugged individual. The reality is throughout all of human history, nobody ever accomplished anything of significance without help.

Different people require different levels of support, so we offer three different levels of supportive accountability in our programs. Each program gets subsequently more support depending on the individual needs uncovered during your initial coaching call.

In the Knowledge Program, we offer support and accountability in a monthly reflective check-in. This is best for the individual that is already consistently self-motivated and needs just a little check-in to ensure they stay consistent. It’s also helpful to have someone butt in on occasion to challenge our awareness which is the purpose of the monthly survey. The survey also helps your coach know how best to adjust your custom built fitness plan.

For people who need a little more encouragement and excitement, we offer the Group Coaching Package. With our private client community of other Health REBELs, we provide weekly and daily touch points to keep your health top of mind. Sometimes with new habit changes, we just kind of forget to do our plan (see: New Years Resolutions in February).

The group coaching provides a frequent dose of motivation and accountability, as well as opportunities to get support to overcome challenges. We also get more variety in the group coaching setting with monthly challenges, quarterly book clubs, and weekly coaching calls. For people who need a little more excitement and mental variety, the group coaching offers the perfect supportive accountability.

And for those that sometimes need a loving kick in the butt, someone who will be there to walk through the challenges together, we offer our top level of support. The Premium Personalize Coaching experience has the group support above, but also direct 1-on-1 support with your coach. Your coach also closely monitors your workouts and habits to immediately catch any challenges that come up before you can fall off the path.

At the end of the 12 week initial program, and if the coaching relationship makes sense for the individual to continue, we offer the monthly workout updates and support at a special discounted legacy rate.

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