Health Coaching

One Great Experience, Three Different Levels

The right level of support for the right person at the right budget

Health REBELs is on a mission to help people break free from common standards and redefine healthy living. Your best life lives in a healthy body and we’re here to support and guide you on your health journey.

Our coaching is all online which gives our coaching several advantages over traditional personal training. Online, we’re able to offer more support, even daily support. We’re also able to coach along the entire holistic wheel instead of just focusing on exercise or nutrition. Finally, because of the lower operational overhead, our most premium package still comes in at about half the cost of traditional personal training.

We offer three levels of coaching so that you can find the right program with the right support at the right price. To see how Coaching works, please read this post.

Personal Training Spokane Health Rebels Coaching Options Chart

Knowledge Package

Who is it for?

This is the perfect option for you if you are self-motivated and have been consistently active for the last 3 months or more, but you want to make sure you’re doing things specifically to be healthy and holistic. We know fitness wasn’t made for long-term health, so this package makes sure you’re not just doing things, but you’re doing the right things.

This is also the most budget friendly option as well, so this is the right option for you if you want that expert coaching, but need to be more financially considerate.


What does it have?

  • 12 Week REBEL Path course for deep understanding of what healthy living should be.
  • Monthly Custom Built Fitness Plans (in our own tracking app)
  • Nutrition and exercise guides for clarity
  • Monthly Accountability Survey to keep you progressing


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Group Coaching Package (Our most popular!)

Who is it for?

This is great for you if you are starting out and you want guidance, support, and motivation. This package redefines healthy living, and puts you in a support network to help you make it an exciting reality for yourself.


What does it have?

  • 12 Week REBEL Path course to redefine healthy living
  • Monthly Custom Built Fitness Plans (in the Health REBELs private app)
  • All the nutrition and exercise guides for clarity and back-up options
  • More support and accountability
  • Community events and connections for more excitement and enjoyment so you can love the process


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Premium Personal Coaching Package

Who is it for?

This is perfect if you’re starting out and you need more support and personal planning. This package has the highest level of accountability attached to it, so if you have a higher stress lifestyle or have a habit of falling off, this is the package to get you the accountability and coaching you need.


What does it have?

  • 12 Week REBEL Path course to redefine healthy living
  • Monthly Custom Built Fitness Plans (in the Health REBELs private app)
  • All the nutrition and exercise guides for clarity and back-up options
  • More support and accountability
  • Community events and connections for more excitement and enjoyment so you can love the process

“Steven is a very supportive personal trainer by listening closely and relaying his mindset to you as it fits with his disprutive way of approaching training. I have worked with him in person at the gym and after I moved away through online means. He mixes mental health concepts as well as nutrition plus time management skills to incorporate into your new habits he will help you develop!! He’s great ? love his walk and talks too”
-Keeper S.

“Coaching from Health REBELS has had a long term positive effect on my health and lifestyle. Literally years after embarking on a training, plan I am still living the core values and trying to keep them implemented in my daily life… Sign up elsewhere to change your body for a season. Sign up with Health REBELs to change your mind and body for life!”
-Veronica S.

The coaching offers three major benefits

  • Health Education to fully understand how to build healthy routines that stick
  • Custom built fitness plans designed for your specific goals and needs
  • Supportive Accountability to keep you on the path and overcome any life challenge that invariably arises

To see how these benefits have helped past clients transform their health, check out our client success stories

The health education is served in bite size lessons available in video, audio, and written formats to meet your individual preferences. They’re designed with a unique lens influenced by biology, sociology, and the REBEL’s Oath. Rather than just focusing on exercise or diet, the education also coaches you on all 6 components of the Holistic Wheel.

You may have found a workout plan online or a diet plan online, but have you ever found a program that included all 6 components before? Only Health REBELs actively coaches all 6 areas of a healthy lifestyle.

Clients rave about the unique perspectives shared during this course and how approachable and accessible it makes healthy habits in real life.

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“The program helped me find healthy, smart, long term goals and kept me accountable. My self confidence grew and I learned to love my strong body for what it does for me, and treat it well, instead of just trying to be unrealistically Insta-perfect. The small lifestyle changes helped me to find small wins throughout the day and ways to squeeze in some fitness in any situation” 
-Veronica R.

I gained a whole new mindset on fitness and nutrition. I was able to address the issues within that have created roadblocks in every aspect of my life, especially motivation. I took an all or nothing mentality that would often keep me from working out or making healthy food choices, and learned to appreciate that sometimes, “something”, is enough.”
-Jennifer W.

Unfortunately, many coaching programs online can be what are called “Cookie Cutter” programs. They give the same workout to anyone willing to spend $50 (or worse, up to $6000!).

Let’s be honest. Nobody else in all of human history has ever been like you. Nobody shares your genetics, your lived experience, your injury history, your microbiome diversity, your schedule, or your personal preferences. There are a multitude of variables that will influence what the right workout and meal plan looks like for you.

The reality is a workout that makes sense for a 20 year old college kid trying to get jacked with no full time job and just wants to look good on instagram looks radically different than a workout plan for a 36 year old single mom of 2 kids working a full time job.

Different life demands, different goals, different workout plans.

“I decided to work with simple success fitness because I needed help embracing fully a healthier lifestyle. Also with chronic pain and very real back issues I had always hurt myself working out on my own. In 3.5 months I have lost a very real 5 lbs of pure body fat and probably much more, I’ve lost 3.5 inches off my waist and gained a ton of strength. My current physical abilities are 10 fold what they were when I was at my lowest adult weight. The plan that is tailored to my goals and personalized to my physical limitations has never left me with the pains and injuries that I had before.”
-Bradlee H.

Finally, the supportive accountability. This is where the most variability comes in our programs. We offer three different levels of accountability to match what someone needs and to give them an honest price with it.

Some people are already consistently self motivated and only need an occasional check-in to make sure they’re on the same path and making adjustments as needed. For these people, we recommend the knowledge level program for monthly accountability.

Some people get energized within a group dynamic and the social network can excite and motivate them to new levels of consistency. For these people, we recommend the group coaching level of support for weekly coach interactions and daily video message as well as fun challenges and book clubs.

And some people… well, sometimes you need a little kick in the butt or someone to catch you when you fall. Some people need more support, a coach in their pocket all week that is walking with you hand-in-hand as you begin new habits. If you need more support and accountability, the Premium Personal Coaching is the right package for you.

To book an initial coaching call, click this link Or to learn more about how coaching works, check out our How It Works page.