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Spokane Personal trainer should be giving you individualized workouts, custom built fitness plans designed around you, your goals, and your experience as well as your personal preferences. Heck, it’s even in the name personal trainer.

Your training experience should be very personal when you’re working with a Spokane Personal trainer. The way that we ensure that your experience is individualized and customized to yourself is by creating a new workout for every client. It’s super common in the industry to see a lot of one size fits all or cookie cutter programs. It’s really really easy to copy and paste and give someone the same workout that you gave to a previous client. However, I don’t think that makes a lot of sense. Mary mother of three is going to have different demands than Johnny squats a lot.

When we have different bodies, different histories, different experiences different biologies. different goals, different life stresses, when we have so much that makes us unique. It doesn’t make sense to give everyone the same same exercise program. Now you could say that everyone has the same human physiology, and that has some bearing. But even in research when we do research studies to find out what protocol is the most effective or most efficient. We can see what’s called response heterogeneity. That means that even within a research study, results and responses are not going to be the same.

They’re not going to be unified. There will be in each study individuals that are high responders, individuals that respond like the majority of the group, and then some people are going to respond in exact opposite of the group. The reason for this diversity and responses to physiology research is fascinating and proof we need custom workouts. And we don’t yet have a great answer to it. But it does show us that we need to be willing to individualize people’s workout programs as we go along. We cannot commit to one singular method or one singular workout style because we will be coming across a wide diversity of people and responses. We have to be fluid in our demands.

We have to be fluid in our workout creations. And we have to individualize stuff because there are going to be so many unique cases that we come across. We have to be adaptable and change to see what that individual client is responding well to. Some examples of how I’ve done this in the past working with clients is like my client, Veronica, my client, Veronica was having some troubles with some high intensity exercises. She would try and try and push yourself harder, but never seem to make progress. What we did instead was wondered if intensity was not the key for but maybe recovery was and so we lowered the demands on her exercise program and she was able to get better results.

On the other side, I had a client Nathaniel who was doing a fairly normal, fairly gentle program, the normal stuff that I typically give people and progress just wasn’t coming. So what we ended up doing was we added some more challenging elements to the workout to bump it up a little bit. And he responded excellently. We have one client that responded well to going easier, and another client that responded well to the exact opposite. Now, looking at those two cases, what do you think is best, more intensity or less intensity?

Well, obviously you can’t say that because no matter which answer you give for the other person, it will be the wrong answer. When you hire Spokane Personal trainer, you’re hoping to get the right answer not the right answer for somebody else, but the right answer for yourself. That is why individualizing workouts and creating custom built plans is so absolutely critical. What works for one person heck what even works for me as a health coach might not work for everyone. So we have to be we have to be flexible. We have to be dynamic, and we have to be willing to try new things with different people. We have to be willing to experiment and discover what works for that individual. We cannot be married to any central ideologies or philosophies.

We cannot be dogmatic in our approach to exercise. We have to be willing to adapt as we see fit for the individual for the client. When you hire a Spokane Personal trainer, what you’re really hoping for is a personal experience and a personal plan that you can follow to get your own personal results. Have you ever run into an issue where you walked into a gym and everybody did the same workout? What about working with a coach that seemed to give you the same workout that he was doing for himself? Have you ever done a workout program that you found in a magazine that was available to 100,000 other readers? The reality is the vast majority of the fitness industry tries to copy and paste and take shortcuts instead of making custom workouts. It will take shortcuts and try to give you materials that was not made for you. In fact, the vast majority of advice out there was made for bodybuilders, athletes and models. It wasn’t made for people that fit into your situation.

That’s why we need to create a custom plan every time someone hires a Spokane Personal trainer.

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A look at a custom workout in our Client App


The reality is without that, it’s going to take a lot of time and it’s going to take a lot of effort and it’s going to cause a lot of struggle and headaches. If we’re not individualizing the process is very important to individualize the the process so that you can ensure better results for more people doing committing yourself to one particular idea or one particular workout program might get you results as a trainer to 80% of people. What do you do with the 20% of people that don’t respond to that central idea? Do you chuck them off to the side? Do you abandon them? Do you blame them? Oftentimes in the fitness industry, we blame people for not getting results when maybe we need to look at the industry standards and what programs we actually gave that person I think when we can look at and try to own more of our problems as Spokane Personal trainers then we can do a greater job of giving better results to our clients with custom workouts. And if you want to see more of our results, go ahead and check out our testimonials page at this link here. And if you want a personalized customized workout plan, we can get you more information about working with a coach at this link here.

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