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You can also check out answers to some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions below.

What’s the best diet?

The reality is every diet has been shown to have some sort of detriment. Some fad diets are obviously worse than others, but with restrictions comes deficiencies.

In our coaching, you’ll learn a healthy eating habit focused on provided the resources your body needs instead of the fear-mongering avoidance most diets teach. We call our nutrition approach “Nutrition by Addition”


Do I need a gym membership?

Most Health REBELs actually work out at home. Regardless, when you join you’ll be given an equipment inventory checklist so that I know exactly what equipment you do have access to. All of our workouts are custom-built to provide for your needs, your preferences, your goals, and your equipment access.

You can do Health REBELs Coaching with or without a gym membership. The choice is yours.


How Long is the coaching commitment?

Everybody that begins starts with the 12-week REBEL Way program. That program will show you the fundamental new path to wellness and help you unlearn a lot of the toxic misinformation we’ve been inundated with in the common media.

After that initial 12 week program, continued Legacy Coaching and support is a month-to-month agreement with no contracts or cancellation fees. If you continue to gain benefits from the updated workouts and support, you can keep being coached as long as you want. Legacy Coaching Clients receive a discount on continued coaching beyond the 12-week REBEL Way Program.


What exercise equipment do I need?

Technically none. You were born with a body that can do a lot of different things. If that’s all you got, we’ll work with you and make it work.

You will, of course, have more options if you do have some exercise equipment, but it’s not necessary. Oftentimes we do recommend a minimum of exercise bands for home and travel use, and we have a partnership to get our clients exclusive pricing on a set of home exercise bands (ask your coach during sign up for link and discount code).


How do you coach sleep?

Steven Hicks is actually a certified sleep coach. Generally we will teach you the best sleep habits that improves the quality of your sleep for over 90% of clients. If you need a little more focused strategy beyond that, like everything in our group and premium personal coaching, we’ll make sure you get the individualized plan to help you succeed.

Sleep might be the biggest contributor to overall health, and it often gets ignored. We want to make sure you have all the right tools to be at your best.


How does the health coaching work?

We have a whole article that goes in depth on this question. Check it out here.


I don’t think I can afford coaching. What should I do right now?

You might be surprised. I believe health should not be a luxury good. And you’re right that traditional personal training is really expensive. In 2018, when I was a traditional personal trainer in Seattle, I was charging people over $900 each month. I ultimately quit because the gym insisted on raising prices on the grounds of “it’s okay, people can pay more”

But Health REBELs Coaching costs a fraction of that.

Our top, premium package is about half the cost of traditional personal training, and our other coaching packages are even more affordable. I believe health should be easily accessible. If you’re thinking you might want coaching, schedule a coaching call today. We’ll find the right program for you at the right price.

If nothing else, you can continue to learn with our free resources like the Health REBELs Podcast and Facebook Group


How long will it take me to lose weight?

We aren’t explicitly a weight loss program. Our focus is on the reasonable daily lifestyle habits that support your best health.

One of the often happy by-products of living in a healthy body is better weight management.

Because the focus is on health instead of weight loss, your weight change may take a little longer than you see on TV. We actively choose not to do the harsh things that force big changes in the body because we’ve seen time and time again that people who lose weight quickly also gain weight back quickly.

Weight Loss may be a little slower with Health REBELs Coaching, but it will stay off for a lifetime with our healthy lifestyle habits.


Who do you work with?

Health is universal, but we are not. We’re generally open to helping and coaching anyone improve their health, have more energy, and live without feeling held back.

That being said, I have noticed that people who are about 30-50 years old and health focused do really well. Younger people in their early 20’s often want a more dramatic action that we really don’t provide, and sometimes the tech side of our coaching can throw off less tech savvy older populations.

However, if you are health focused and you want to use fitness and health as a gateway to living your best life, then you’re the right fit for our coaching regardless of age.

We also DO NOT work with bodybuilders or performance athletes. There are many other fitness coaches out there who will. We are singularly focused on health and supporting your body’s biological needs above all else.


What if it doesn’t work?

Biology can be tricky sometimes. Everyone has different genes, different microbiomes, and different lived experiences and epigenetics. We do use some biofeedback responses to guide your individual recommendations, but even the medical community knows nothing works for everyone.

The exact path to your exact goal might need some adjustments. So we can’t guarantee exact results in an exact time window (Not honestly at least)

But I do firmly believe that this is the most transformative coaching experience you will find in the market. The perspectives and support is unmatched. If you disagree, I do offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. After 25 days, I will ask you if you’re happy with the coaching experience and the support you’re receiving. If you’re not, I will give you a full refund.