Biggest New Years Mistake | Personal Training Spokane

The biggest mistake that people make when they start a new exercise program, especially around New Year’s resolutions, is doing the wrong program for them. Oftentimes when you shop around with personal training Spokane you’ll find a lot of coaches and trainers who are lifelong athletes, people who are fascinated with the human body and with sports performance.

Unfortunately, when that happens, you will often find that they will create a program designed for other athletes and people fascinated with sports performance. The workouts will be over the top hard over the top extreme and oftentimes leave people feeling miserable afterwards. The workouts inherent aren’t inherently bad. But they’re not designed for the right people, or else designed for athletes are great if you’re part of that 3% of the population that enjoys that that has been doing that for a while and is prepared to handle that kind of workload.

Unfortunately, that’s only good for about 3% of the population and then we give it to the rest of the 97% what we would rather do instead of making that mistake when you look at personal training Spokane is we want to make sure that your program is designed for you and your life situation. A lot of times people have business responsibilities, work responsibilities, family responsibilities. When you look at fitness as a priority, it hardly makes the top 10 Even though fitness and health will magnify everything else in your life. It itself is not a priority for the vast majority of people. So why do we keep giving workouts to people that are designed where fitness is the top priority in life?

The biggest mistake that people make when they sign up with personal training Spokane is that they do a program that’s not designed for them and their needs. With Health REBELs coaching what we focus on instead is more about the social sciences than the exercise science. We can create a workout that is completely optimized to increase sports performance. But if you can’t follow it, what’s the point? If it’s the wrong workout for you? What’s the point if it’s the wrong workout, it will not get you the results you want, even if the workout itself is really amazingly made.

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What we strive to do at Health REBELs is to match the right workout to the person rather than forcing the person to adapt to the right workout. We want the workout program to adapt to the person’s life demands preferences, and life priorities. The reality is for most people, this is not the most important thing in their life, and we should not make it the most difficult part of their life either. What we do instead is we focus on workouts that are designed around reality. We want to match a real workout for real people so that you can get real lifelong results. We don’t want to focus on the extreme parts of fitness. We want to make a workout that is reasonable and approachable and sustainable.

The workout plans with Health REBELs is going to be focused on personal preference on personal ability and an individual needs if there’s an injury history or if there’s previous equipment lack or anything of the such. The biggest mistake that people will make when they’re looking at personal training Spokane is getting a workout program that’s not designed for them. It’s just absolutely ridiculous for them to do with Health REBELs coaching. We customize each workout program to really meet someone where they’re at and create a program that they can maintain for a lifetime. One of the things that often surprises new clients is how easy the initial workouts are. Now I won’t lie to you and tell you that it will stay easy forever.

Eventually we are going to add a little bit more challenge as you become more conditioned as you can handle more challenge so that you can continue to chant to adapt so that you can continue to adapt and get get new results. But initially, people often do way too much. It surprises clients when they start with us that we often do half of what they’ve been asked to do in the past. We have less muscle soreness. In fact, we don’t even celebrate muscle soreness. We often try to avoid muscle soreness because it’s not a sign of a good workout. muscle soreness can be demotivating it can be demoralizing. And it can be inhibiting to your day to day activities, which makes you less likely and less inclined to continue with the program. We avoid muscle soreness in our program rather than chasing it we also focus on non traditional workout programs. Oftentimes when people start off with programs, they’re used to the traditional bodybuilding split, where you’ll do a chest day a back day and arm day a leg day. But that doesn’t make sense for general health that makes sense for bodybuilders.

And again, most personal trainers love bodybuilding and sports performance. But it doesn’t make sense for day to day activities. Bodybuilding programs can really hold you back by obviously being the wrong program, as you can tell in the name it’s designed for bodybuilders for people that want to be 300 pound behemoth and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. For everyone else that just wants to have more energy more confidence in the ability to live without feeling held back. We tend to prefer different workout styles that changes depending on the individual needs. But we oftentimes shy away from that that bodybuilding style because it’s not the right workout for most people. Again, the biggest mistake people make with personal training Spokane is doing the wrong workouts and as you can hear if you’re not a bodybuilder, why would you do a bodybuilding workout? So this year if you started a new year’s resolution, I want you to avoid the biggest mistake that people make, which is doing the wrong workouts for themselves this year instead what I would love to see you do is sign up for Health REBELs coaching, you can click this link to find more information. But what that will do is get you set up with a program that’s designed exclusively for you individually tailored to your particular needs. But it’s also going to be focused more around the social sciences and add up tations to day to day life. We want to be the realistic fitness plan for realistic people. And if you’re interested in that, you can click this link to get more information. Avoid the biggest mistake which is doing the wrong program for the wrong people this year by signing up with Health REBELs coaching and doing a program that’s specifically tailored to be realistic to real people and last a lifetime.