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Finally, Health Coaching that focuses on health instead of athletics.



If you look around, it’s easy to see. The average person in today’s world is overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy. We’re pushed into this miserable default, and told fitness is the solution.

Unfortunately, the fitness industry was created by and focuses on bodybuilders, professional athletes, and fashion models. The fitness industry never gave a rip about health. How could fitness possibly help you have a healthier body if it doesn’t care about health?

The fitness industry never cared about making you healthier. They focus on ego and performance, not on your biological needs. When it comes to being healthier, it’s much easier than fitness magazines have told you.

It’s not all the fault of bad fitness advice though. We live in a society that has been rapidly engineered and drastically altered by the industrial revolution and the digital revolution of the 20th and 21st century.

Common lifestyle defaults that have been forced on us by modern society unfortunately are not conducive to good health. When health rates across the board for the entire nation continue to plummet to catastrophic levels, we need to be honest about it not being an individual’s fault when they follow the trends.

But we can do better!

By combining a focus on biology and sociology rather than athletics and modeling, Health REBELs Coaching has paved a new path to wellness that redefines what healthy living looks like.

At the core of Health REBELs Coaching’s philosophy is breaking free from common standards.

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Why Health REBELs Coaching Exists

Personal Training Spokane Steven Hicks

Hey there, I’m Steve Hicks and I’m the founder of Health REBELs Coaching. I started Health REBELs Coaching after being a personal trainer for over a decade. It started one summer with an email from an old friend and client.

She was my very first personal training client. We worked together for 2 and a half years when I lived in Seattle. Working together, she had lost over 50 pounds, admitted to wearing a bikini for the first time in almost 20 years while on vacation, and became way stronger than anyone else her age that she knew (except for one coworker at Amazon that was a champion powerlifter. But I guess you can’t win them all).

By all measures, she was one of my biggest glowing successes. Someone I always looked back on with pride.

I was ecstatic when she emailed me out of the blue after 6 years. She wanted to get back into fitness and wanted me to train her online (we no longer lived in the same city) because she loved the way she felt when we worked together.

Then it happened.

During the intake process, I saw that she not only gained all the weight she had lost with me when we worked together, but she had gained twice as much back. I was dismayed and disheartened to see how unrecognizable she was compared to when we worked together. All this time, I thought clients like her and others had been success stories.

But… the truth is… in fitness all those transformations are not successes: They’re time bombs.

As a fitness professional, I did all the right things. I did what I was taught. I got the results. And yet, in the end, when clients stopped working directly with me, none of it lasted. None of it “worked.”

Fitness wasn’t designed to work.

Here’s a dirty secret. Everything in the fitness industry is meant for bodybuilders, athletes, and fashion models. It’s either made directly for them or modified by what they do. And if you want to be a model, athlete, or bodybuilder, then it’s great advice!

But if you just want to be healthy… [grimace emoji]

The reality is health is lifelong. But fitness is short term. A football player only needs to get to the superbowl, and then they have an off-season to recover. A bodybuilder only needs to get to the stage, and then they get an off-season to recover. A model only needs to get to a photoshoot, and then they can relax. An actor has a shooting schedule, and then they can relax.

Health keeps going, so we need an approach that can keep going.


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Since we know sociology shows that we get pushed to unhealthy standards, and we know fitness wasn’t designed to fix that problem, we need a new path.

Health REBELs Coaching has created that path using two tools to guide our coaching programs. First, we coach along the Holistic Wheel. We believe long term healthy habits require a balanced approach. You’ve probably gone all in on an exercise plan before, or all in on a nutrition plan. And how does that end up for most of us?

Having a balanced approach gives us more stability that ensures we keep up a healthy lifestyle. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. All our coaching programs redefine healthy living in all 6 components: Mindset, Activity, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Management, and Supportive Accountability.

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Personal Training Spokane Health Rebels Oath

We also follow the REBEL’s Oath, the 5-part framework that helps us identify what is truly healthy for each person on an individual level while shielding us from the common misinformation we find online. The REBEL Oath holds a lot of secrets. If you’d like to unpack it, check out this article https://healthrebels.us/the-framework-to-guard-against-unhealthy-habits/.

Does it work? Well, check out some of these testimonials

“Health Rebels has helped me in so many ways. Steven isn’t just a run of the mill trainer. He provides whole body and mind coaching. He recognizes that everything you are and do has an impact…I feel that Stevens way of coaching is revolutionary in the health industry” – Ashley D.

“Steven is knowledgeable and passionate about health & wellness & uses a self-love approach to fitness goals as opposed to shaming people. Steven is a charismatic & well-spoken genuinely nice guy who is invested in the success of his clients” – Greg S.

If you think coaching might be the right option for you, you can book a free 60 minute coaching call to discuss where you are right now, where you’d like to be, and how best to bridge the gap. This is a no obligation call, and we promise to ensure you will leave the call with the right next step for you.

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