#1 Fear of People with Fat Loss Goals

The #1 FEAR I see all the time from people wanting fat loss– whether they mention it or not– is…

“Can I even do this?”

In fact, someone over on my FACEBOOK page just messaged me last week saying “I don’t even know if I can lose fat anymore” and that broke my heart.

Change is hard. I know this. You know this. And it’s that realization that change is hard that creates fear that you can’t even do it!

I’m going to help you let go of that fear today so you can finally lose fat…

Maybe you’ve failed on a diet before, now you’re afraid you can’t actually eat healthy. “If I tried and failed, clearly I can’t do it”

Maybe you’ve “fallen off the wagon” with exercise and now you’re afraid you’re too lazy or undisciplined to even do exercise. “I couldn’t do it then, why can I do it now?”

Maybe you’ve tried something really popular in the past and didn’t get results. Now you’re fear is “yeah, it works for fat loss for most people, but it Just.Doesn’t.Work.For.ME!!


You’ve already done something successfully. It could be something extraordinary that you succeeded at!

Maybe you got a coveted promotion at work
Maybe you won some past athletic accomplishment
Maybe you managed to date or marry the love of your life

Yeah! You’re a winner!

Or maybe you’ve succeeded at something mundane. Something you’d normally overlook when thinking about successes.

You successfully drive to work
You successfully brush your teeth
You successfully fed yourself yesterday

“All I do is win, win, win no matter what!” -DJ Khalid

With either category, whether it’s winning that coveted promotion at work or brushing your teeth in the morning, there are core elements that set you up for success. Core elements we can apply to fitness and health to prove that you CAN lose fat and hit your fat loss goals!

First element: This one throws people off all the time, but the greatest rates of success comes from starting not with WHAT you want, but WHY you want it.

The reality is nobody cares about what you want, not even yourself. Even if you say you want to lose 10 pounds, you probably don’t care if you lose fat and drop 10 pounds or not. Fat loss is only a what.

Let’s look at something simple like brushing your teeth. Yeah, you should brush your teeth, that’s WHAT you should do. But when you decided you wanted to brush your teeth, there was something greater you wanted to accomplish.

There is a reason WHY you started brushing your teeth

Maybe brushing your teeth prevented gum disease or rotten teeth. There’s a chance you cared more that brushing your teeth gave you pearly whites that can give you the confidence to smile happily. Honestly, maybe you brushed your teeth so you didn’t upset your wife with breath that smells like ?

Heck, maybe you just brush your teeth because as a kid you just wanted your parents to stop nagging you, so you brushed before they got the chance and now you’re stuck with that healthy habit.

Whatever the reason, you had a WHY to brush your teeth, and now you successfully brush your teeth with minimal effort.

The same thing is true for bigger accomplishments like that promotion at work. Yeah, everyone understands you should try to get a promotion, but it’s not until you really want the pay raise, the increase in prestige, the autonomy of leadership or the pride of telling your spouse about your achievement that you have any reason why to try for it. Until there’s a reason why, most people are content to stay at the position they’re in.

Until there’s a reason why, most people are content to stay at the position they’re in

So why do you want fat loss? Why do you want to lose fat?

The Second step was practicing. This is the most obvious. You had to brush your teeth over and over and over again before it actually became something you do.

Anyone with little kids knows that when you start, you do a really crappy job of brushing all your teeth, and brushing the full 2 minutes. But you get better at time and eventually cavities aren’t a concern.

Same is true with the promotion. There were certain skills you had to practice. You had to work on your resume, you had to practice the interview, you might have had to practice certain job skills to demonstrate capability, and maybe you even had to practice putting yourself out there to be considered.

To succeed with a goal, you have to practice it. Same is true for fat loss. There are certain healthy habits you have to practice often. You’ll have to practice being active, eating well, and taking care of yourself to successfully lose fat.

The third step, and this is where most people mess up with fat loss, is moving past small hang ups.

You’re going to mess up with something. There’s not a single person on this planet that doesn’t mess up.

Repeat: You’re going to mess up with something. There’s not a single person on this planet that doesn’t mess up.

Did you have that dentist appointment way back in 6th grade with like 5-10 cavities because you didn’t brush your teeth enough? Did you ultimately let your 6th grade mistakes stop you from brushing your teeth as an adult?

Maybe you’ve traveled on a business trip and forgot your toothbrush. You missed a night or two, but you’re brushing your teeth again now and moving past a small hang up.

Maybe you had a faux pas at work and thought your chances were doomed! Maybe worse, maybe you didn’t get the promotion the first time you applied. But you try again because there is some WHY you’re chasing success that means more to you.

You hit a snag, but you keep moving.

“There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents” – Bob Ross

But with Fitness and Fat Loss, people hit a small hang up; they miss a workout, they eat a cookie, or their weight plateaus for a couple weeks, and then they allow themselves to crumble.

That’s not moving past a hang up, and that’s not how you succeed.

But you’ve succeeded at something in the past! Whether extraordinary or mundane, you did these 3 things.

And that past success proves that you CAN actually lose fat ?

So when you have the fear that maybe you CAN’T lose fat, realize that with these three components of success, you CAN actually do it.

I’d encourage you to think of something you did successfully and figure out how these three components fit into that success. If you successfully got a promotion at work, ask yourself “Why was this important, how did I practice getting it, and what little hiccups did I overcome on the way?”

When you see how you’ve succeeded in the past, how actually simple the process of succeeding is, you realize you have no need to fear fat loss.

You are a person that can succeed, and fat loss is just another thing you’ll succeed with.

If this opened your eyes to your own potential, if this taught you how to succeed with fat loss, or if this crushed your fear of failure, please SHARE and help others demolish their fear to live a healthier, happier life.

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